The ‘unapologetic’ bus driver

Date: 20th March, 2018 Time stamp: 5.40pm Route: Victoria Island- Ajah Photo credit: google image search After a stressful day at work, I finally get on a bus and I am glad to get a front seat beside the driver, although the gear stick was constantly brushing my thighs but I didn't mind. I tuned [...]


The ‘Lai’ skinned Lady episode

Destination: Home Date: 12th March, 2018 Time: 6.00pm Route: Victoria Island- Ajah Photo credit: Kappit *Lai skin here refers to Light skinned* So this 'lai' skin girl gets on the bus and she's spoiling for a fight. She insists on paying 200 Naira even when she heard the fare was 250 Naira. The driver seems [...]

The Slap!

Date: 11th March, 2018 Time stamp: 2:00pm Route: Oshodi- Ajah So I get on this bus and the conductor is all sweet and 'sturvs'... Helping someone to buy a drink and another to buy water. He is so calm. Also, on this bus is a mother of three, her youngest is about 6 years old [...]

Enter with your change o!

Date: 11th March,2018 Time Stamp: 11.30am Route: Iyana-Ipaja - Oshodi It's another Sunday afternoon and the scorching sun is really not one you will want to be standing in. Conductor: Oshodi! Oshodi! 100 naira! Enter with your change! Image credit: Abovewhispers Driver: I just dey start work today o! If you no get change, please [...]

A ‘Long’ Short Trip

Featured Narrator: Deborah Movoria (Instagram: @dmovoria) Date: 7th March, 2018 Route: Sangotedo- Victoria Island Time Stamp: 6.05am Image credits: bellanaija, nigeriamonitor Less than a week to my birthday, Just one of those mornings your 4/5 o'clock alarm goes off but you don't hear it because you are exhausted from getting home at 11pm the previous [...]

The Commentator

Featured Narrator:  Christycole  (Instagram: @thechristycole) Date: 7th March, 2018 Route: Third Mainland Bridge- Victoria Island Time: 6.35am Image: Youtube En route work this morning in the danfo, I had tuned off into my own world; the guy sitting beside me kept rubbing his hand against me (for those who are highly irritant like me, that [...]