Aunty ‘Gboromideleru’

Date: 09.04.2018

Route: Ajah- Victoria Island

Time Stamp: 07: 20am

*Gboromideleru*- A yoruba word almost identical in meaning to amebo(Someone who can’t mind their business) but directly means carrying someone’s cross which then becomes yours. In other words, aunty that wouldn’t mind her business!

Obalende/Bonny Camp Straight! Obalende! Bonny camp! Enter with your 300 naira! Obalende/ Bonny camp! I no carry Lekki o! were the chants from the Bus Driver this morning as I headed to work. Passengers fill the bus and we set out. Shortly after, the driver starts requesting for his money line by line.

Man in Cream Stripes: Give me 300 naira change, I will drop at Marwa.

Driver: I tell you say I no carry Marwa o. Why you no enter Lekki bus? I dey shout an since!

Man in Cream Stripes:  Na only you dey call passengers when I enter?Sha give me my change.

Man in Cream Stripes: Oya give me my money, let me come down!

Driver:  Come down for where? shey you no hear as I dey shout since. Someone will pay 500 for loading and still be short because this one is going somewhere else.


Woman in front seat: (starts grumbling about why people don’t listen and how the driver kept announcing his destination)

Me: Wondering why she is not minding her business and if she is the driver’s wife or conductor.

Man in Cream Stripes:  Madam wetin be your own na? He wasn’t the only one calling passengers and you were not here when I came in.

Woman in front seat:  (Starts shouting) You people don’t always listen. You Nigerians. And he was saying it.

Man in Cream Stripes: Madam, are you from Ghana ni? Why are you saying Nigerians?

Woman in front seat:  I am a full Nigerian. Not from anywhere else.

Man in Cream Stripes: Wetin be your own na? why you no come mind your business?

Woman in front seat:  It is my business. All you people in Lagos, you don’t always listen. The driver was saying it. Did you not hear?

Man in Cream Stripes:  Don’t talk to me like I am a child. Mind your business abi are you his conductor?

Woman in front seat:  I can talk to you how I want. Lagos People, bunch of idiots!

Man in Cream Stripes:  And you are one of them.

Woman in front seat:  Yes I am one of them.

Man in Cream Stripes:  Don’t talk to me anyhow. I don’t even care if you are his conductor but mind your business. Do you even have children? Is this how you talk to them?

Woman in front seat:  No, I don’t have children.

Man in Cream Stripes:  At your age, you don’t have children and you can’t mind your business. Just shut up and face front.

Woman in front seat:  Stupid man! (Continues grumbling)

Driver:  Madam, sorry. It is ok.

Woman in front seat:  No! People just like acting stupid.

Driver: It is ok now! Leave him!

Man in Cream Stripes:  Is it because of money? I will pay but you will drop me at Marwa. Infact take 500 (Stretches money to driver)

Driver:  I go collect am o!

Man in Cream Stripes: Collect am now! Infact use my change to pay for the woman since she dey carry am on her head.


Update: The driver stopped at Marwa for the man to alight and no word was uttered after that.


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  1. The man stupid sha, what nonsense… I for borrow that woman reply for am! That’s why the Country is the way it is. Nigerians don’t listen… and he has the effrontery to child shame a woman.

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