Date: 22.03.2018

Route: Ajah- Victoria Island

Time Stamp: 7.25am

So there are two guys sitting in the row directly in front of my friend and I. One is wearing a red sleeveless shirt and one is in a proper white and blue stripped shirt.

Mr Red Sleeveless suddenly reclines and balances his elbow on the chair; his head is almost on my friend’s bag. She taps me irritantly and we are like:


Mr White Stripes: Ahn ahh! why you dey sit down like that? sit well.

Mr Red Sleeveless: Why you dey tackle me, shey you wan sleep ni?

Mr White Stripes: Na inside parlour you dey?

Mr Red Sleeveless: Abeg! Face your business. I go change am for you o (starts ranting incoherently)

Mr White Stripes: Who you wan change am for? I tell you say you no siddon well.

Conductor: Na inside bus you dey change am? Na cloth him be wey you wan change am?

Passengers:     41GH2D+fYzL._SY355_



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