Wakanda & the inability to say ‘O WA’

Date: 19.03.2018

Route: Victoria Island -Ajah

Time: 5.55pm

At the first gate bus stop, Ikota, Ajah; the driver makes a right turn to take the alternate route… We passengers already know the repercussion of this- Missing some bus stops and not getting us to our final destination but it seems nobody cares as long as we get home early.

Passenger: 2nd Gate wa o!

Driver: (slows down) Oya boole jare!Ko rin pada lo si be.(Just alight and trek all the way back)

Passenger: Is that how to talk? No be your fault, na because I don pay you. Is this where you should drop me?

Driver: Sorry now! Just go!

Passenger: (Continues grumbling as he alights)

Driver: Okay o! Wakanda nigbayen (Ok, just wakanda)

Me: Laughs (thinking what the fudge!!!)

Abeg o! I just want to know- Is ‘Wakanda’ now a driver’s slang? Did I miss a memo? These people wont kill me.


While passing through the alternate route…

Another passenger: I’m Ok o! I’m ok

Driver: (Keeps driving)

Passenger: I’m ok here! Driver! I’m ok!

The conductor suddenly understands what the guy means and bangs on the bus then the driver stops.

Me thinking… Uncle, just say O wa now!You for no pass your bus stop (but what’s my bizniz?


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