VOLTRON- Defender of the Universe

Date: 27th April 2018

Time stamp: 07:45am

Route: Ajah- Victoria Island

So I woke up late today as I had quite a dramatic night. After finally dragging myself out of the house, lucky to get on a bus that moved fast, I am glad that I will get to work earlier than my dramatic yesterday morning.

Approaching Lekki Toll Gate around 8.45am, still busy pressing my phone and thanking God that the traffic today moved faster than yesterday’s, I hear the guy from the other car talking to the driver then I get ready to write the story unknown to me that I will also be in my own story. 🙈🙈

Apparently, my Bus driver who is an Alfa (Muslim Cleric) had shunted and tried to cut in front of the line and the bulky guy in the Camry won’t give him space even though the Alfa had begged him.

Bulky guy in Camry: I won’t give you space, that’s how you people always do. You call yourself an Alfa (Muslim Cleric) and you can’t do things the right way. Stupid man. I won’t allow you.

Alfa: Please now.

Bulky guy: No I won’t allow you. *Insults the man again* You better stop o.

Alfa: (parks his bus) ok, no wahala.

Bulky guy: (drives his car forward and forces it through a space beside the bus and in the process, scratches the bus) You will be pay for this. (Jumps out of his car) You scratched me, can’t you be patient. You better get down o.

Passengers: Haba! We all saw it now, he parked and the guy moved. He should be the one apologising to the driver.

Bulky guy: (starts taking pictures and causing a scene) You are not going anywhere. Why will you scratch my car?

Alfa: I waited for you. You asked me to wait and you drove past yourself. You scratched me.

Bulky guy: why can’t you just apologise?

Alfa: I didn’t hit you so I can’t apologise.

(Alfa passes through the passenger seat and alights then starts taking pictures)

The guy keeps talking and I start to wonder if he was so broke that he needed to get money from Insurance to sort out his bills, then after looking at him, I just concluded that he couldn’t even afford insurance and probably was spoiling for a fight since he left home.

Some Mobile Police men have approached and are trying to sort out the issue but apparently, they are scared of the bulky guy. The guy keeps talking then my friend speaks out and wonders why we are all seated when we actually witnessed what happened. We alight from the bus and walk to the front to see the damage.

Me: (facing the bulky guy and trying to reason with him) Oga but he waited for you and you scratched him,since you didn’t want him to pass, you should hve asked him to move back before you moved. You should have apologised to him and not the other way round. It’s not fair.

Bulky guy: What’s not fair? Will you let me say my own? Didn’t you see when he caught infront of the line?

Me: All drivers caught infront of the line. I have a car too but I am not just driving because of things like this but even when people scratch Me, I don’t take it out on them. But you scratched him even when he waited for you. The man is only trying to make a living, you don’t have to talk to him like that. It’s not fair.

(My friend and I decide to get back on the bus since uncle bulky remains adamant and demands his apology while Alfa insists on not apologising since he didn’t do wrong)

Bulky guy: starts talking to his other friends– I don’t even know what that girl is saying, someone that doesn’t have home training even if she has a car nko?

Me to my friend: huh? Did he just say I don’t have home training because I tried to reason with him?

(Something just sparked in me and I just got very pissed off and decided to dish him a plate of the home training I lacked… for those who understand, never try to provoke a ‘pmsing’ lady. )

Me: did you just say I lacked home training? You that they trained and didn’t receive it nko? I pity your mum and someone will actually date this One? What a shame on You! And you are here shouting for an apology when you couldn’t be patient.

Bulky guy: keep quiet, shey na talk you dey talk? I am not leaving here till he apologises. Simple sorry and you will leave.

Me: He will not apologise because you are wrong and you are very rude and impolite. Who talks to people the way you talk?

(The mobile policemen who have been watching since appeal to us and ask us to get back on the bus so other road users can pass. The guy can’t move his car and neither can the bus be moved without causing more damage, then they all decide to lift the bus before both vehicles can pass through the toll. We move through and park after the toll gate. Then I decide to sit on the bus while the others follow the driver to speak to the bulky guy).

From where I am sitting, he starts to shout and blame me for talking to him…muttering things about women being peacemakers. Those who know me well, know I don’t like wahala but uncle just admit you are wrong and apologise to Alfa instead of dragging me in but uncle continues to talk and refer to me, saying its cos i have an office job I can talk to him like that and i should let him take care of me… someone that cant even be patient enough to give space or even ignore a scratch on his probably borrowed car… I told him i reject him and reject any of his types in my generation by the grace of God…he keeps talking so the angry man in me decides to give him the final topping to the ice cream and trust me he didn’t see it coming.(can’t narrate this part to the details) I was so so upset and angry. My friend and one of the policemen had to take me back to the bus from there. Like can this morning get any worse? I was ready to spend the whole day with them. I don’t like people being treated unfairly.

Finally, uncle bulky swallows his pride and let’s Alfa go then we continue on our trip but uncle still can’t take it, he doubles up and continues yelling at me from the car… gladly, some ladies on the bus decide to help me respond to him.

I don’t know how shameless some people can be, pick a quarell with a man like you, don’t try to use a woman to solve your problems.

In all my 7 years of relocating to Lagos, I have never been this angry or lashed out at anyone but Mr bulky sincerely pushed me and for those who I fell their hands…abeg no vex, I guess it was the anger piling up from all the Monday to Thursday stress… from now, it’s only positive vibes I promise.

I love you all!

Have a fantastic weekend.


3 thoughts on “VOLTRON- Defender of the Universe

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  1. The bulky guy is obviously living in frustration, that’s it. Pls I’m interested in knowing the topping u gave his ice cream Jare, cos he deserved it 😁😁😁😁. Babe u no be wahala girl, he caused it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yaaay! That’s the girl dropping it like it’s hot!

    I keep wondering why people don’tknow how to limit their argument over an issue without attacking the person involved.

    Cars were scratched… We are trying to sort who is wrong, next thing, ‘you lack home training’ How???

    Dude should not be in a decision making position anywhere o. Disaster waiting to happen.

    Liked by 1 person

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