Tales from a Lagos Danfo Amebo

Date: 26th May, 2018

Route: Gate – Command bus stop

One of those late nights that I am heading to the main land and boredom permits me to listen in on this guy’s phone conversation. No vex o! Na Amebo I be.

This creepy looking guy suddenly jumps on the bus and deep down in me, I tell myself I have entered one chance (Those who know know). He starts staring at me and I start pleading the blood of Jesus holding my bag firmly.  After a few minutes, he makes a call and the way he stats calms me down…

He greets the fellow and asks for mumsy. The guy on the other end of the call asked about his girlfriend… this creepy uncle who i later found out to be named Chima answered with; which one? The other person responds and says the name then Chima flares up angrily!

Chima: Abeg! Abeg! No dey ever mention that name beside me again! I no wan hear Chizoba… that one dey lie to me. I am now a single man! Chizoba is a liar! Don’t mention that name again.

I guess the other guy asked what Chizoba did and the gist is: Chizoba broke up with Chima because according to her, her parents relationship with her got damaged cos she was dating Chima. Chima was angry because he had spent a lot of money,time and love on Chizoba. Chizoba insisted that her parents had stopped relating with her and she wanted her parents back so she had to let Chima go. Chima wasn’t having any of that and stalked Chizoba, only to find out she was dating another guy a week later. Poor Chima…

Chima goes on to ask his friend about his girlfriend and encourages him to break up with her (maybe to feel sorry for himself or something) but uncle is scared o as the girl is from another tribe and her dad is a Naval Officer. The other guy says no o! He is scared of his babe’s dad and Chima keeps encouraging him to dump her and date this girl who he saw at the supermarket days ago. The other guy seems interested in this babe and wants to know where Chima saw her.


Chima: I saw her where she was using POS.

Other guy: ehn?

Chima: Point of State o! She was using point of State.

Other guy: What’s point of State?

Chima: Mumu! You don’t know point of state? You don’t know the meaning of POS abi?

(At this point, i wanted to laugh…point of state indeed)

Other guy: Na wetin it mean be that?

Chima: Yes na! You be olodo o! POS means Point of State…ehn…state like state and capital. Oya repeat it! Point of State! Now you know the meaning.

( I wanted to tell uncle at this point but I decided to mind my business so I don’t spoil the only good thing going on in his life)

But… it is point of sale na! I thought to myself and kept holding my laughter.



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