A little act of Kindness

Date: 2nd July, 2018

Route: Lekki phase 1- Bonny Camp

Time stamp: 7.50am

This young school girl (should be about 10/11 years) wanted to get on the bus yesterday and the conductor told her he didn’t have any change so she withdrew.

The driver looked back and told the conductor to get the school girl on the bus free of charge.


The conductor called out to the girl and as she was about to come to the bus,  she realised that there was a pool of water and she couldn’t step in with her school shoes.

While trying to manoeuver her way round the water, the conductor stepped into the puddle and stretched his arms to her. He lifted her and took her to the bus.

She burst into laughter and said thank you. I’m sure she didn’t see it coming. I realised I was smiling all through. I was touched.

Do something to help someone today no matter how small you think it may be.

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