For the Love of Rosa Parks

Featured Narrator: Boluwatife (Instagram: @bludeeva)

Date: 3rd of July, 2018

Route: Oshodi- Obalende

Setting out today, I am late for work and luckily for me, I get on a bus.  Approaching a supposed bus-stop along the way, LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) officials arrive and arrest the bus driver for making an illegal stop.


Photo credit: google images

One of the LASTMA Officials offers to drop us at our main bus stop (Obalende), no one complains… it’s fine. (I am more concerned about getting to work early). Shortly before we arrive at the park, the LASTMA Official stops the bus and asks all the passengers to alight.

As if it was planned, no one moves, then I also decide to sit still.  The man commands that we alight again and suddenly, everyone starts accusing the LASTMA Guy for asking them to alight at a place that wasn’t the bus stop. Uncle LASTMA puts up a fight but the passengers refuse to alight and ask him to release the driver if he also wants them to alight at a supposed bus stop.

Uncle LASTMA finally gives in and drives all the passengers to their final bus stop. Although, I still arrive a little behind schedule at work, I feel so happy that people can agree on something and make it happen.

Blog Owner Note: If only we all could unite and fight for what we deserve, we can make our Country great again.

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