Madam Controller!

Featured Narrator: Tolu (Instagram: @tolulawuyi)

Date: 30th June, 2018

Route: Costain- Ajah

Some things are common to regular danfo users, they have favorite seat patterns and angles they love on the bus. They only don’t care when it gets to the hustle period.

Its getting late at night and I get on this bus heading to Ajah. There is this lady sitting close to the door and at every stop, she has to alight for a passenger to get down or get in.  Well, she obviously loves that seat and it doesn’t bother her to come down and neither did she complain.

Approaching Lekki, the conductor obviously has an issue with her sitting down there and he starts complaining. The Lady gets angry and tells him that No passenger will get on the bus again till she alights (She is four long bus stops away)  at Chisco.


Well, you guessed right ( Whether na agidi (strong head), anger or na juju, no passenger got in till this lady alighted at her bus stop.

I don’t know how she did it but I had a smooth ride home.

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