Date: 3rd July, 2018

Time Stamp: 7.30am

Route: Ajah – Bonny Camp

You know those days, that you wake up and you are like ‘mi o le wa ku!’ (I cannot just come and die)… Yeah? Today was one of those days for me.

After leaving the house late, the road is free and the drive is smooth. Approaching Lekki Toll gate, the driver pulls to a halt and alights without saying a word. The conductor follows suit.

After a few minutes, passengers start ranting and wondering what the driver is up to. He later comes back and resumes driving without saying a word. The Passengers too sat still and didn’t utter another word.

After passing the toll gate, the driver makes some sounds and signals the conductor through his mirror. The conductor names the bus stops and signals the driver to let him know if there are passengers who need to alight.Turkish-Village-Sign-Language

It was at that point it occurred to me that the driver was hearing impaired and couldn’t speak as well. I wanted to feel sorry for him but I was encouraged that He didn’t use his handicap to beg but capitalised on it to make a living.

Maybe we need more drivers like this in Lagos, there will be little or no fights.

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