Of the insulting driver and angry passenger

Date: 5th July, 2018

Time stamp: 6.50am

Route: Ajah- Bonny Camp

I am not feeling up to it today, so as soon as I get on the bus, I plug in my earphones and tune off. Luckily, there’s no traffic jam today. We approach a quarter of the distance and the bus driver stops the bus.

Without saying anything, he jumps out and walks to the back of the bus. I naturally assumed, he was pressed and needed to pee. After a while, passengers start to grumble.


One passenger, opens the door and gets down to ask the driver what’s going on.  The driver asks him to get back into the bus and calls him a stupid man.

Blue shirt passenger: You are also stupid! Why will I ask you a question and you will be insulting me?

Angry Daddy: Points at the driver- YOU ARE A MONKEY! ( I tagged him angry daddy well cos, he was carrying his daughter and the way he yelled at the driver wasn’t here)

Driver: (Feeling like he has a good command of English) It is a reciprocal! It is only a monkey that knows a monkey.

Passengers: (Burst into laughter) it is a reciprocal… more laughter.

Angry Daddy: Mad Man. The man only came down to ask you a question, why didn’t you answer him. Do you have to insult him?

Driver: You are mad

Passengers: He only asked a question and why didn’t you tell us why you stopped?

Driver: Was it not the passenger in front that told me my silencer was touching the ground? Didn’t you people hear? (Points at some ladies on the row I am sitting)

Passengers: We didn’t hear you and you didn’t tell us.

Driver: Mumurs and gets back into the driver seat.

Blue Shirt passenger: Idiot

Driver: Your papa na idiot! Shey you even get papa? If you get papa, you no go talk like that.

Angry daddy: Mad man! Instead of you to simply apologise, you are arguing with your passengers.

Driver: continues to rant and resumes driving.


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