The Pick-pocket

Featured Narrator: Tosin (Instagram: @misstoez)

Date: Sometime in June, 2018

Enroute:  Ajah

Heading home today, I plug in my earphones to block out all external interference. Passengers continue to alight at their bus stops and suddenly, the bus comes to a halt.

A guy at the back just raised an alarm that his money was missing and he was blaming the guy sitting beside him.


Alarmist: Give me my money!

Accused: I no take your money!

Alarmist: Na you thief am. Return my money o!

Accused: No be me take your money.

Alarmist: The money was in my pocket, you took it! Return my money.

In a few seconds of looking away, the missing money suddenly appears on the floor of the bus, in front of the alarmist.

Accused: No be your money be that! I no carry your money.

Alarmist: Thief ( Picks up his money and alights)

The accused also alights and I think to myself, the guy must have picked the alarmist’s pocket unknown to him that they would be alighting at the same bus stop. If the money actually fell out of the guy’s pocket, it should have fallen on the seat or behind his seat, not in front. 

Well, this is Lagos! I hold on to my bag firmly till i alight at my bus stop.,

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