Uncle that ‘dinnor’ want to pay

Date: 14th June 2018

Route: Ajah- Bonny Camp

Time Stamp:


Photo credit: google images

So this uncle gets on the bus without asking for the fare. Almost halfway through, the conductor starts collecting his money. On getting to uncle, uncle stretches 200 naira instead of 250.

Conductor tells uncle his destination costs N250 and not N200. Uncle starts to vex and says that’s what he is going to pay and asks why the conductor didn’t tell him before he got in.

Conductor: Why you no ask? everybody know say na 250.

Uncle: Na 200 I go pay.

Conductor: Driver! Park, make he comot.

(Driver stops)

Uncle: I no go come down, na your mate you dey talk to?

Conductor: Oga! Come down! abi which kain nonsense be this? You no get money, come down!

Uncle: Your head no correct, I be your pikin? Why you dey talk to me like that. I no dey come down and na 200 I go pay.

Conductor: Na your papa head no correct. If you no go pay, come down.

Uncle: Na your mama you dey talk to. Shey you say you no get sense. I go show you today!

Conductor: Wetin you wan do? Last last, I go leave the bus and you go pay the driver all the money he for make today.

Uncle: Na my Papa you dey insult abi? I go show you!

Conductor: You no well, pay the money or come down.

Uncle: Na bus stop you carry me from, drop me at the next bus stop.

Conductor: Oga! Come down! I no dey drop you for bus stop.

( At this point, a man sitting in front offers to pay the 50 naira so we can continue on the trip)

Conductor: Oga bring the 200 naira jare!

Uncle: 5 naira, I no go give you! shebi you wan lose your job.

Conductor: Oga shut up jare, no be because person wan pay your 50 naira I allow you?

Uncle: I no go pay you. Make i shut up? I go show you today.

Conductor: Oga! no bring that one come here o(forcefully snatches the money from uncle)

Uncle: I go just slap you!

Conductor: Oya na! slap me!

Passengers: It don do na. Calm down!

(Silent grumbles)

Sincerely, i dunno why passengers like interfering, I was waiting for the guy to come down so some beating can happen but that’s how they dulled my shine.


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