For the Love of Rosa Parks

Featured Narrator: Boluwatife (Instagram: @bludeeva) Date: 3rd of July, 2018 Route: Oshodi- Obalende Setting out today, I am late for work and luckily for me, I get on a bus.  Approaching a supposed bus-stop along the way, LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) officials arrive and arrest the bus driver for making an illegal stop.... Continue Reading →

Madam Controller!

Featured Narrator: Tolu (Instagram: @tolulawuyi) Date: 30th June, 2018 Route: Costain- Ajah Some things are common to regular danfo users, they have favorite seat patterns and angles they love on the bus. They only don't care when it gets to the hustle period. Its getting late at night and I get on this bus heading... Continue Reading →

The Pick-pocket

Featured Narrator: Tosin (Instagram: @misstoez) Date: Sometime in June, 2018 Enroute:  Ajah Heading home today, I plug in my earphones to block out all external interference. Passengers continue to alight at their bus stops and suddenly, the bus comes to a halt. A guy at the back just raised an alarm that his money was... Continue Reading →

The Fighters

Featured Narrator:  Oba  (Instagram: @obadareoga_photography) Date: 1st June, 2018 Route: Iyana-Ipaja - Oshodi Time: 7.25pm Blog owner note: This was sent in as a recorded voice note and I had to transcribe it. Apparently, the quarrel had started before the narrator started recording. So the words are just as said. * Rated 18* It has... Continue Reading →

A ‘Long’ Short Trip

Featured Narrator: Deborah Movoria (Instagram: @dmovoria) Date: 7th March, 2018 Route: Sangotedo- Victoria Island Time Stamp: 6.05am Image credits: bellanaija, nigeriamonitor Less than a week to my birthday, Just one of those mornings your 4/5 o'clock alarm goes off but you don't hear it because you are exhausted from getting home at 11pm the previous... Continue Reading →

The Commentator

Featured Narrator:  Christycole  (Instagram: @thechristycole) Date: 7th March, 2018 Route: Third Mainland Bridge- Victoria Island Time: 6.35am Image: Youtube En route work this morning in the danfo, I had tuned off into my own world; the guy sitting beside me kept rubbing his hand against me (for those who are highly irritant like me, that... Continue Reading →

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