Madam Controller!

Featured Narrator: Tolu (Instagram: @tolulawuyi) Date: 30th June, 2018 Route: Costain- Ajah Some things are common to regular danfo users, they have favorite seat patterns and angles they love on the bus. They only don't care when it gets to the hustle period. Its getting late at night and I get on this bus heading... Continue Reading →


The Selfish ‘seater’

Date: 04.04.2018 Time Stamp: 07:25am Route: Ajah- Victoria Island 'Are you in your house? Why are you sitting like that?' Those words caught my attention as I was just getting over being cramped up in the seat by a passenger who alighted some bus stops back; then i look back. Uncle in Blue native: You can't... Continue Reading →

The Slap!

Date: 11th March, 2018 Time stamp: 2:00pm Route: Oshodi- Ajah So I get on this bus and the conductor is all sweet and 'sturvs'... Helping someone to buy a drink and another to buy water. He is so calm. Also, on this bus is a mother of three, her youngest is about 6 years old... Continue Reading →

Enter with your change o!

Date: 11th March,2018 Time Stamp: 11.30am Route: Iyana-Ipaja - Oshodi It's another Sunday afternoon and the scorching sun is really not one you will want to be standing in. Conductor: Oshodi! Oshodi! 100 naira! Enter with your change! Image credit: Abovewhispers Driver: I just dey start work today o! If you no get change, please... Continue Reading →


Date: 1st March, 2018 Route: Ajah- Victoria Island Time stamp: 6.10am Images: google image search Today, My friend and I decided to leave home at 6 since it was a Thursday. 'Mans cannot come and kill themselves'. Luckily, we get the front seats of the bus and a while later, the bus is almost full... Continue Reading →

Getting your fair share…

Date: 22nd February, 2018 Route: Ajah- Lekki Time Stamp: 6.00am In a haste to make sure I have a flawless event this morning (Yes, I am an events person, and Yes! I have a proper office job)  after a series of 'bad dreams', I leave the house at 5am. I stroll to the bus stop... Continue Reading →

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