For the Love of Rosa Parks

Featured Narrator: Boluwatife (Instagram: @bludeeva) Date: 3rd of July, 2018 Route: Oshodi- Obalende Setting out today, I am late for work and luckily for me, I get on a bus.  Approaching a supposed bus-stop along the way, LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) officials arrive and arrest the bus driver for making an illegal stop.... Continue Reading →



Date: 3rd July, 2018 Time Stamp: 7.30am Route: Ajah - Bonny Camp You know those days, that you wake up and you are like 'mi o le wa ku!' (I cannot just come and die)... Yeah? Today was one of those days for me. After leaving the house late, the road is free and the... Continue Reading →

A little act of Kindness

Date: 2nd July, 2018 Route: Lekki phase 1- Bonny Camp Time stamp: 7.50am This young school girl (should be about 10/11 years) wanted to get on the bus yesterday and the conductor told her he didn't have any change so she withdrew. The driver looked back and told the conductor to get the school girl... Continue Reading →

The Pick-pocket

Featured Narrator: Tosin (Instagram: @misstoez) Date: Sometime in June, 2018 Enroute:  Ajah Heading home today, I plug in my earphones to block out all external interference. Passengers continue to alight at their bus stops and suddenly, the bus comes to a halt. A guy at the back just raised an alarm that his money was... Continue Reading →

Uncle that ‘dinnor’ want to pay

Date: 14th June 2018 Route: Ajah- Bonny Camp Time Stamp: Photo credit: google images So this uncle gets on the bus without asking for the fare. Almost halfway through, the conductor starts collecting his money. On getting to uncle, uncle stretches 200 naira instead of 250. Conductor tells uncle his destination costs N250 and not... Continue Reading →

The Fighters

Featured Narrator:  Oba  (Instagram: @obadareoga_photography) Date: 1st June, 2018 Route: Iyana-Ipaja - Oshodi Time: 7.25pm Blog owner note: This was sent in as a recorded voice note and I had to transcribe it. Apparently, the quarrel had started before the narrator started recording. So the words are just as said. * Rated 18* It has... Continue Reading →

Tales from a Lagos Danfo Amebo

Date: 26th May, 2018 Route: Gate - Command bus stop One of those late nights that I am heading to the main land and boredom permits me to listen in on this guy's phone conversation. No vex o! Na Amebo I be. This creepy looking guy suddenly jumps on the bus and deep down in... Continue Reading →

Aunty ‘Gboromideleru’

Date: 09.04.2018 Route: Ajah- Victoria Island Time Stamp: 07: 20am *Gboromideleru*- A yoruba word almost identical in meaning to amebo(Someone who can't mind their business) but directly means carrying someone's cross which then becomes yours. In other words, aunty that wouldn't mind her business! Obalende/Bonny Camp Straight! Obalende! Bonny camp! Enter with your 300 naira!... Continue Reading →

The Selfish ‘seater’

Date: 04.04.2018 Time Stamp: 07:25am Route: Ajah- Victoria Island 'Are you in your house? Why are you sitting like that?' Those words caught my attention as I was just getting over being cramped up in the seat by a passenger who alighted some bus stops back; then i look back. Uncle in Blue native: You can't... Continue Reading →

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