The ‘unapologetic’ bus driver

Date: 20th March, 2018 Time stamp: 5.40pm Route: Victoria Island- Ajah Photo credit: google image search After a stressful day at work, I finally get on a bus and I am glad to get a front seat beside the driver, although the gear stick was constantly brushing my thighs but I didn't mind. I tuned... Continue Reading →


Crazy Driver

Date: 5th March, 2018 Route: Iyana Ipaja- Oshodi Time stamp: 6.30am Image: google image search, On to the next bus... Driver drives the bus like a raving lunatic... Passengers: Driver small small na. We no dey rush o! Driver: (passes one way and faces oncoming vehicles... tries to overtake his fellow law breakers) Passengers:... Continue Reading →

Getting your fair share…

Date: 22nd February, 2018 Route: Ajah- Lekki Time Stamp: 6.00am In a haste to make sure I have a flawless event this morning (Yes, I am an events person, and Yes! I have a proper office job)  after a series of 'bad dreams', I leave the house at 5am. I stroll to the bus stop... Continue Reading →

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